Blog 4 – Create A New Sport

Foot Bowling

Foot Bowling – Video (John Kavanagh)

The beauty of this sport is that there is so much room for adaptations and variations!


Bowling Pins



Obstacles (If Needed – Be Creative)

Lane Alleys


The Rules:

Groups Of 2 – 4

10 Rounds/Frames

Each Player Has Two Turns Per Round

Must Start level With Or Behind The Starting Line


Strike (10 Pins Knocked Over The Two Turns) = 14 Points

9 Pins Knocked = 9 Points

8 Pins Knocked = 8 Points

7 Pins Knocked = 7 Points

6 Pins Knocked = 6 Points

5 Pins Knocked = 5 Points

4 Pins Knocked = 4 Points

3 Pins Knocked = 3 Points

2 Pins Knocked = 2 Points

1 Pin Knocked = 1 Point.

Justify Its Inclusion In A School Setting

This sport, I believe, would work really well in a school setting because it is easily adapted, easily managed and controlled, requires very little equipment, can be played indoors or outdoors, contains skills that are used in other PE strands, involves fundamental movements skills (FMS), improves foot and eye coordination, develops and improves a wide range of kicking skills, and requires numeracy and literacy skills. It ticks all the boxes!

Skills In Other Strands = Kicking (Soccer, Gaelic Football)

FMS = Kicking

Kicking Skills Developed & Improved = Weight Of A Pass/Shot, Accuracy

Numeracy Skills = Adding & Keep Score

Literacy Skills = New Words (Lane Alleys, Weight Of A Pass, Pins, Foot Bowling)


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