Blog 2 – The Possibilities (Or Not) for ICT In Physical Education

The Possibilities (Or Not) for ICT In Physical Education

At this moment in time there are endless possibilities for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Physical Education (PE). Whether we like it or not we now live in a world where, at times, many of us have almost permanent hand extensions. The hand extension more often than not is a portable electronic device that can access the internet easily. The websites and applications available on such devices are nothing short of extraordinary. Educators, coaches, schools, clubs and those alike should really embrace, invest and value such websites and applications as there are huge benefits and rewards to be gained.

The use of ICT in lessons can have a positive effect on the teaching and learning standard. ‘By increasing the exposure of ICT within both theory and practical lessons, it should in turn increase the teaching and learning standard across the curriculum’, (Myers, 2012). Increasing the teaching and learning standard can only be a good thing for everyone involved. ICT also has the ability to appeal to many different learning styles. ‘The use of ICT can facilitate a pupil centred approach by appealing to different learning styles’, (Myers, 2012). By having a more pupil centred approach and by appealing to the different learning styles using ICT the overall PE experience and learning is sure to be increased. The use of ICT in lessons can also increase student participation and interest. ‘Through utilising the use of ICT within lessons it also encourages the notion of active engagement, whereby it is deemed that pupils learn most effectively when they are interested, involved and appropriately challenged by the task’, (Myers, 2012). From this, it is fair to say that using ICT in PE lessons can be very beneficial to both teachers and students.

Now, where and how to use ICT in PE lessons? Firstly, ICT can be used in every aspect of PE. There are various websites and applications that support the teaching and learning of PE.

  • Apple iPad

Ideal for videoing, assessing and analysing matches, races, performances, etc. It allows teachers to easily point out to students where they are going wrong or need to improve. The iPad also features a slow motion video which is perfect when trying to teach or correct the more difficult skills. An expensive piece of kit but defiantly excites and improves the students.

  • CMV: Slo-Mo, Frame-By-Frame Video Analysis (Apple App.)

An anytime, anywhere video analysis application that allows side-by-side viewing, sync-playback, instant video-swapping and much more. CMV is a beautiful application that is sure to enhance student performance and learning in your PE lesson.

  • Sworkit (Apple App.)

Sworkit is an application that allows you to customize and play personalized video workouts. It’s perfect for any Health Related Activity lesson as you can simply show students the correct technique and stages of any exercise.

  • Dropbox

Dropbox is an online website that allows you to store and share files, videos, pictures and more with anyone. There are also applications available for mobile and tablet devices. I am currently involved in a club that uses Dropbox along with Sportstec Player and I must say it works very well. Both apps are quick and easy to use.

Dropbox Link:

  • Blend Space

Blend Space is an easy way to blend your classroom with digital content. Easily find, add and share online content (videos, images, pdfs, Google docs). Students comment or take notes alongside content, (

Perfect for sharing videos and images of drills and skills with students prior to the lesson.

Blend Space Link:

These websites and applications can be used in almost every aspect of PE. It is important to note that these are just a few of the thousands of ICT resources available to teachers. The examples of ICT discussed clearly show that there is huge possibilities for ICT in PE. Everyone benefit from the use of ICT!


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